The convenient travel kit includes an identification visual, extraction & collection materials, and repellents.
The field guide is a convenient size that fits a small bag or backpack. It includes helpful information, quick identification guide, tick removal instructions, and tear out repellents.


MFA Work. |  Illustration

Inspired by my experience with Lyme’s Disease, I conceptualized and designed this handy guide to harmful insects, which identifies insects by their geographical area, that are harmful to either people or the environment. The book includes information describing the insect, what type of ecosystem in which it is most commonly found, what health effects/impact on the environment occur, and how a person can protect themselves and the environment. It also features quickly removable repellent pieces and recipes of natural repellents made from common ingredients.

The portable kit has everything you need to tackle an insect challenge on the go. It includes repellent wipes infused with permethrin, rubbing alcohol wipes to disinfect tools and bite sites, easy tick removers, a quick tick I.D. guide, and tick capsules for identification and storage.