Finnegan’s Adventure Pack for Success

MFA Work  |  Illustration

Finnegan’s Family Pack for Success emboldens children to embrace the struggles and failures that can lead to their successful futures.

Studies have shown that experiencing failure and developing strategies to learn from those failures fosters resiliency, spawns creativity, builds character, instills courage, identifies strengths & weaknesses, and employs a growth mindset that leads to success.

Families have fun joining Finnegan the fox, Tryagain the turtle, and their menagerie of friends as they guide them through the journey of learning to embrace struggles that can lead to success. The “Achievement Guide” helps parents navigate the enclosed materials and understand the importance of allowing their children to experience failure. Kids have fun interacting with the “Courage Map” while being rewarded with an “Encouragement Sticker” each time they try the suggested activities on the map, which require resiliency to keep trying. Button rewards are also included for the completion of task tracks. “Inspiration Cards” feature famous people who have experienced struggles along the road to their successes which sparks children to understand the importance of struggles in achieving larger successes. Also, Tryagain, the turtle figurine reminds kids to keep trying anywhere they go.