P is for Penurious


P – Pondering and Penurious can be a dangerous combination

P is for Penurious – adj.
extremely stingy; parsimonious; miserly.

Pondering has been one of my favorite past times my entire life. While I sat pondering today’s experiment I came to the realization that happy accidents may be more than just accidents. The way the brain processes then recognizes patterns and events is partially where creativity originates. We perceive it as a ‘happy accident’ (a common term in the creative industry) when in reality it may very well be how our brain processes external forces/information subconsciously. This brings me to today’s typographical exploration. The dictionary.com word of the day is penurious. As I sat staring at my ink blob (Ink blopped on my graph paper with compressed air sprayed at it) trying to figure out how I would make this abstract shape into my proposed letter form “P”, the happy accident happened. The long streak at the top began to resemble a horn, the separate upturned digit to the right of it a pointy ominous brow. Even the angle at which it slanted began to remind me of a ‘miserly’ old man skulking about, with his shadow trailing behind him (the wider blop at the bottom). Behold…. my miserly, parsimonious “P” – today’s typographic ink exploration.

Materials used: India Ink, Old Toothbrush (Ewe! Gross!), Compressed Air, Copic Pens, Very Old Graph Paper, Pod Buddy’s (the birthday boy) Directional Light Source

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