Milk & Toast?



M – Milk & Toast? Yes Please!!

M is for milquetoast (MILK-tohst) – n
a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, especially one who is easily dominated or intimidated

My favorite foods consist of comfort foods. Milk & Toast being the ultimate with “Me: I don’t feel good. Mom: Would you like some Milk & Toast? Me: Yes Please!!” Today’s letter experimentation comes from the word of the day from (as usual) of which the pronunciation inspired this post. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. As the cold weather of winter sets in and the frantic atmosphere of the holidays in full swing, it’s the comfort food that keeps us grounded. Food that takes us back to a simpler time, a childhood memory, or perhaps just the chemical response in our brains from the carbohydrate base that lends itself to a form of self-medication in these harder days to get through with a smile on your face.

As usual, I let the letter dictate to me what it wants to be. I learned from a good friend and fellow creative that it’s best to “just let go” when it comes to finding the best creative solution. The creative will always tell you what it wants to be, don’t force it. These letters illustrate that concept perfectly. The ink, being the most organic of the composition, is the first step. A splattering here, a smattering there, some compressed air randomly sprayed with a flick of the wrist. Then comes the letterform itself. Sometimes I stare at the ink blotches the better part of the day. Pleading with my subconscious to come up with a creative solution to make the abstract ink blots staring at me into a legible letterform. For this letter, I continued my experimentation as I brought the photograph of the letterform into the computer. As usual, the creative guided me to where it wanted to be landing itself into a ‘milky’ white contrasted with a darker background reminiscent of the brown scrumbles on a freshly toasted piece of bread. Eureka! Milk & Toast! Myself being the creative acts simply as the vessel through which the art communicates.

In conclusion, I encourage you to go forth, let go, and allow yourself to experiment without fear that the art will turn out horribly. It will tell you what it wants to be.

Materials used: India Ink, Nasty Old Toothbrush, Compressed Air, Old Graph Paper, Sharpie, Pod Buddies Light Source Illuminated like the Sun, My Shaky Hands


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