F is for Fortnight


F – T.G.I.F.

F is for Fortnight – n.
the space of fourteen nights and days; two weeks.

Friday’s are a delightful day of the week. The day brings promise for the weekend which lend themselves to be uplifting no matter what is going on or how busy or lack thereof one is. A fortnight, though not commonly used today, also ensues a positive feeling. Most pay schedules tend to fall on a ‘fortnight’ which brings on activities such as paying bills and shopping! Today’s word of the day inspired me to reflect on a simpler time. Illuminated letters came to mind from an artistic/graphic standpoint, but also a time when social media, the internet, computers, cars, etc. did not exist. If I was creating the post back then I probably would be working by candlelight (if I could afford it) and this wouldn’t be considered a blog post, it would simply be documented in a journal perhaps to be found decades after the author would be separated from this world. Upon reflecting on the simpler times, I find myself grateful for the abundance of ‘simple’ things in my life. My family, my friends, my craft and my love for nature. These are the important things that stay with you and stand the test of time.

Materials used: India Ink, Sharpie, Copic Pens, White Acrylic Paint, Paperclip Tip to apply said acrylic paint, Old Graph Paper, Light Source Powered by Electricity

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