B is for Bibliotaph



B – Being a Graphic Designer/Mom

B is for Bibliotaph – n.
a person who caches or hoards books

Before I entered the industry as a creative professional or the thought even occurred to me, I considered myself a lover of books. My parents instilled this trait into me since birth. It later proved to be quite useful as I contemplated my future professional career. As it turns out, several creative professionals are fellow book lovers and book hoarders. They procure them for an assortment of reasons — collecting purposes, inspiration, broadening of knowledge base, or simply loving the way they are designed/bound/feel/smell/paper stock/printed/etc. As a graphic designer & lover/hoarder of books as well as a new mom, I find myself hoarding books for my 4 month old daughter (I secretly hope she will also be a lover/hoarder of books), and am drawn to them for the same reasons for which I procure them for my creative craft. I already have shelves packed for multiple reading ages and am well on my way to broadening each collection for her. I can’t imagine it any other way. What do people who don’t love/hoard books do? The inspiration for today’s letter not only comes from dictionary.com’s word of the day, but is also reminiscent of Illuminated Uncials with the curvature in the lower bowl of the ‘B’ and the calligraphic style of the thick and thin lines. I also drew inspiration from the logo of a popular toy brand that I love. I encourage you to go forth and be proud of the bibliotaph you may very well be.

Materials Used: India Ink, Compressed Air, Gross Toothbrush, Un-even old graph paper, Copic Pen, Sharpie Marker, X-Acto Blade, Pod Buddy/fellow Bibliotaph’s desk light source.

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